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Here at Weststate Seafoods our expertise is seafood. Fresh or frozen, local and imported we can help you with all your seafood needs. Not only are we seafood specialists we carry all your food service requirements making Weststate Seafoods your one stop for for all your catering requirements. Here at Weststate Seafood we offer all your commercial and residential food and seafood needs. We offer all things seafood, as well as oils, salts, bread and more!

Weststate Seafood frozen & fresh seafood

Fresh and Frozen Seafood

Fish Fillets Prawns
Scallops Crabs
Crayfish Mussels
Oyster’s Smoked
Value added Squid

Weststate Seafood food service products

Food Service Products

Bread / Pastry / Pizza bases Canned Good
Dairy / Eggs Oils / Salts
Chips Packaging / Cleaning<
Gravy / Boosters / Demi Icecream / Cakes
Poultry Nuts / Seed / Dried fruits



As countrywide members, we are part of a nationwide network of suppliers with access to all leading brands, giving us fantastic buying power and bringing you great pricing.

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